Look no further than our Target Room, located right across the street from our Sales Center (and open the same hours). You'll find great deals on doors, patio door panels, windows, mouldings, cabinets, and more. Most items are in good condition; some are bruised. Many items have recently been added. Prices are reduced every Saturday, so visit our Target Room often! TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 75% DISCOUNT ALL ITEMS IN OUR TARGET ROOM! These deals won't last long. Visit the Target Room today!

We also have various one of a kind lumber items and other products such as those listed below.

Closeout Specials (list current as of March 9, 2019)


5 pcs 4x4-10' #2 Redwood S4S (dirty); $15.00

43 pcs 5/4x6-16' TimberTech Decking Non-grooved Amazon Mist; $30.00

5 pcs 1-3/4x18-18' LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber; $69.34

37 bundles CertainTeed XT-25 Shingles, Black; $15.00

35 bundles CertainTeed XT-25 Shingles, Gray Frost; $15.00

4 bundles CertainTeed XT-25 Shingles, Nickel Gray; $15.00

19 bundles CertainTeed XT-25 Shingles, Timber Blend; $15.00

3 bundles CertainTeed Landmark Shingles, Georgetown Gray; $15.00

41 bundles CertainTeed Landmark Shingles, Driftwood; $15.00

22 pcs 7/16 4x9 L-P Smartside Cedar Texture Prefinished Green Panel Siding Non-Grooved Shiplap Edges; $28.49

17 rolls 18" x 300' 6 Mill Black Polyfilm; $6.95 (take another 50% off this price!)

21 pcs 4x4-4' Rustic / Distressed Western Cedar S4S; $6.99

43 pcs 1x6-16' Georgia Pacific PrimeTrim Cedar Textured Composite Trim; $2.22

35 pcs 1x8-16' Georgia Pacific PrimeTrim Cedar Textured Composite Trim; $2.97

16 pcs 2x6-6' Architect Knotty Cedar S4S; $1.58

Target and closeout items are sold as-is and are not returnable. 

Hurry and get them while they last!

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