Photo 9 - Fingerle pine

Lumber - it's part of our name!

Supplying you with a wide variety of lumber products is an important part of our business. Our impeccable payment performance allows us to carefully select the mills who supply us. We always insist on top grade material. Each week we sell truckloads of lumber, turning it quickly so our stock is clean and bright. We never want you to be stuck with a piece that won't meet your needs. Our helpful yard staff will work with you to make sure that does not happen!

In addition to the areas below you'll find more lumber items in the Cedar, Paneling, Flooring and Siding areas of our website. We also regularly supply hardwood lumber, milled to your specifications, in species not shown here.

If you don't find what you want or need please call us and we'll have our crack purchasing staff find it for you!

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