Floor & Surface Protection Products

Floor Protection Film

carpetshieldCarpet Shield Protection Film floorshieldMulti Surface Protection Film

Carpet Shield Protection Film

  • Tough, temporary protection for carpets. 
  • Minimizes cleanup and damage.
  • Non-slip surface won't shift, even on stairs.
  • Shields carpet from dirt, moisture and heavy traffic conditions.
  • Protects carpeted floors from paint and other spills.
  • Easy application and removal.
  • Caution: Do not apply to hardwood floors or other hard surfaces. Temporary protection for up to 30 days. Recommended for synthetic carpeting only.

Multi Surface Protection Film

  • Protects countertops from marks and scratches.
  • Protects factory finished floors from paint and other spills.
  • Protects tile, marble, granite, vinyl, and laminates.
  • Self-adhering protective film.
  • Minimizes cleanup and damage.
  • Protects hard surfaces.
  • Shields floors from dirt and moisture.
  • Caution: Not for use on wood floors that are finished at the job site.

Builder Board builder-board-thumb-5

  • With new liquid shield technology, defends against water, mud, paint, and more. 
  • Protects floors from tracked-in water and site spills while allowing moisture and vapors to escape for curing.
  • One roll covers the same area as ten 4'x8' sheets.
  • Rolls out fast and flat.
  • Tough enough to be driven on.
  • 100% recyclable.

Red Rosin Paper

Red Rosin Paper

  • Used under hardwood flooring to eliminate squeaks.
  • An excellent runner to protect floor surfaces during construction.