Green Building

Below are just a few items we carry at Fingerle Lumber that we consider "Green." There are many more that we don't list here. If you have a question about a specific product, please call Tim Bradburn 734 741-4237.


  • Cambria - Cambria natural quartz surfaces use low-emitting compounds in their products. Click here for more information
  • Corian - Corian by DuPont provides a surface that is easily repaired and renewed, and whose joint adhesives and sealants are low VOC products. Click here for more information.


As consumer's attention is drawn to products that not only are green, but also to those that reduce the amount of maintenance and repair needed, no industry has evolved more than deck products..

  • MCA Treated Pine Decking - A new treatment process which bonds microscopic copper particles to the wood cells, eliminating the need for solvents to be used.  The process is a closed loop system, with all chemicals being recycled. Because of this new process, it is estimated that the longer life span will save 100 million trees from being harvested. Click here to view our selection of MCA treated Pine decking.

By comparison, composite decking has evolved from the treated planks that were all the range during the late 70's and 80's. With a blend of recycled wood fibers, recycled plastics and requiring low maintenance over its lifetime, consumers can very closely emulate the look and feel of exotic wood decks. Industry estimates account for 25% of deck products being installed using composite material. Every manufacture uses different ingredients to achieve that "unique" product.

  • Trex - Trex decking is the industry leader in development, manufacturing and technology in the composite deck market. Using a 50/50 mix of recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood, it manufactures a wide variety of deck products. Not only is it the largest composite deck manufacture, but also one of the largest recycler of plastic from post-consumer, industrial, and commercial operations. On average they keep 300,000 tons of plastic and wood scrap from landfills every year. Click here for more information.

Doors & Cabinetry

  • WoodHarbor - Interior doors by Woodharbor are built following the National Association of Home Builders Green Home Guideline standard. This environmental stewardship program not only looks at the raw material sources and their management, but also at the manufacturing and product processes regarding air quality and formaldehyde use. 75% of the particleboard, plywood and MDF used in Woodharbor's cabinets and doors is of the lowest formaldehyde emission standard and contains 100% recycled or recovered fiber content. All their hardwood veneers are certified from a credible sustained forest. What this means for customers is the there will be no residual odor, and peace of mind regarding products from Woodharbor. Click here for more information.


  • Wood - We offer wood flooring in Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Maple, Red Oak, Yellow Pine and White Oak. They are all formaldehyde free. Please click here to see our selection of wood flooring.

FSC Certified Lumber & Panel Products

  • Please click here to learn more about Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber and panel products and our ability to supply them.

Homasote® Cork Faced Panels

  • Appealing decorative tackable paneling.
  • 95% post consumer recycled content by weight.
  • Medium tan/brown color cork faced one side.

Homasote® 440 SoundBarrier & Structural Board


  • Unique, gray weather-resistant building board.
  • Easy to handle, cut, nail, and drill.
  • Will not crack, split, or splinter.
  • Reduces sound transmission through all floor finishes.
  • R-value 1.2.
  • Class C flame spread rating.
  • .20 noise reduction coefficient.
  • 98% post consumer recycled content by weight.
  • Takes paint or stain well.
  • Use for sound barrier, bulletin boards, siding, soffit, underlayment, signs, displays, cut-out letters, train boards, and ceilings.

Penofin® - The World's Finest Wood Finish®

Penofin Verde


Verde is the first of its kind. It is a 100% sustainable, petroleum free oil finish with no heavy metal compounds, no odor, and no offensive fumes. Verde is a 0-VOC finish that can be used in both interior and exterior applications. It is made with new age vegetable ester solvents, tough plant based resins, and the same high quality Brazilian rosewood oil found in all Penofin products.

  • Interior/Exterior formula.
  • For decks, siding, fencing, furniture, floors, countertops, cabinets, and many other exterior and interior wood application.
  • 99% ultraviolet protection.
  • Brazilian Rosewood oil.
  • No odor.
  • No petroleum distillates.
  • Environmentally sound.
  • VOC less than 1 g/liter.
  • Safe for use around children and animals.
  • Click here to view available colors.
  • Safe for use around children and animals.
  • 99% UV protection.
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The majority of a houses' exterior is covered with some sort of siding material. It used to be either masonry or wood products that were installed. However, with the increased interest on products that requires a minimal amount of maintenance; new products have been developed, and manufactured with "green" in mind.

  • Hardie Siding - First developed in Australia, James Hardie is an industry leader in exterior siding products that use concrete, recycled wood pulp, water and sand. Having 10 manufacturing facilities close to the major population areas also reduces environmental impact caused by transportation of materials. Their ColorPlus baked on exterior paint reduces the need to paint the product after installation, reducing VOC contamination into the air. Not only is this product relatively maintenance free, but is non-combustible, not susceptible to attack by insects, and resists damage from cold to wet, humid climates. With a warranty of 50 years on the product, it is longer-lasting than most maintenance-intensive wood siding products and therefore requires fewer resources for replacement and repair. (Information from the James Hardie website.)
  • Miratec Trim - Miratec has marketed their exterior trim products as a viable alternative to wood trim since the 1990's. The combination of whole tree logs, wood chips, and 100% phenolic resins (a non-formaldehyde emitter) allow Miratec to retain the authenticity of wood without the performance issues and negative environmental impact of fiber cement and PVC. The type of wood used is a combination of recycled wood delivered to the manufacturing facility from local sources, and residual waste from sawmill operations. Click here for more information.


The insulation values of windows have improved significantly since energy conservation became important. Andersen and Marvin brand windows are both partners in the Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program. This program certifies the glass that is installed in windows to meet a certain performance for each temperate zone in the United States. Gone are the days where single panes windows only kept the wind out. Now windows are sealed units, with radiation reducing coatings and gases that keep the heat inside during winter and outside during the summer. Both Andersen and Marvin products meet and exceed performance standards, and offer both new construction and replacement windows.

  • Click here for more information about Andersen Windows and here for more information about Marvin Windows.