CertainTeed ICON Composite Siding

CertainTeed ICON Composite Siding

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  • Imagine the beauty of cedar bevel siding, with durability that goes beyond that of natural wood and fiber cement.

  • Now add performance that withstands the elements, harsh conditions, and the test of time.

  • ICON Composite Siding is exactly that and more.

  • ICON is a revolutionary new product that provides unmatched flexibility and durability.

ICON has superior moisture resistance, which means the planks will have minimal expansion and contraction. They can be butted tightly together during the installation, giving the wall a gapless, seamless appearance.

This patented fastening placement guide ensures that the planks are always nailed to a stud, increasing the resistance of your ICON planks to high wind-loads. It will also protect the interior wall cavity from accidental punctures to an electrical or plumbing line.

ICON is able to withstand hurricane force winds. Thanks to the combination of both STUDfinder and Stack Lock features, the planks are secured together to the stud, increasing their strength and durability.

Molded from real cedar planks, CertainTeed’s TrueTexture™ Select Cedar woodgrain recreates the look of wood. Unlike real wood, this material will last for generations.

ICON comes primed and ready to paint. Select your favorite high-grade, non-oil-based exterior paint from subtle whites and creams to vibrant dark colors, like reds or greys.

16’ length planks mean fewer seams for a cleaner appearance.

Creates defined shadow lines like traditional wood bevel siding.

Hidden fastening system for a no-nail appearance.

ICON’s unique formulation means lightweight pieces that are flexible and easy to handle. A single installer can carry up to 6 planks at a time without fear of breakage.

Unique self aligning Stack Lock design makes installation easy for a single installer. It provides additional stability on the wall.

Patented STUDfinder™ system helps identify wall stud placement and provides a precise fastening guide. It improves speed of installation, accuracy, safety and performance, by ensuring correct nail position every time.

Planks can be butted tightly together and require no additional caulking or flashing. This creates a seamless and clean appearance on the wall.

A defined nailing line is inset on every ICON panel to ensure proper nail placement and eliminate visible nail heads. 

ICON’s unique product formulation makes it strong enough to hand nail, or use a coil nailing gun without the risk of panel damage.