Felt & Underlayments

Grace Ice & Water Shield® Roofing Underlayment grace

  • Waterproofing shingle underlayment that keeps the roof deck dry and protects against water damage caused by winter ice buildup.

Reasons why Grace Ice & Water Shield is the best underlayment you can buy: 

  • Best adhesion to the roof deck. Time-tested, rubberized asphalt formulation provides superior initial and long-term adhesion without primer or nails.
  • Forms superior laps. Unlike many fully-adhered membrane underlayments, it requires no special treatment of the laps, making it easy to get a watertight seal.
  • Highest quality sealing around roofing fasteners. Delivers premium roof leak protection via an aggressive rubberized asphalt formulation that seals around roof covering fasteners.
  • Unique non-granular slip resistance. Improved slip resistant surface offers superior foot traction without the granules or grit that inhibit watertight laps.
  • Can be left exposed longer. Can be left exposed for up to 30 days and can even be used as a temporary roof if shingle application is delayed.
  • Won't telegraph. Laps remain invisible.
  • Superior tear resistance. Will not tear under normal conditions, but is easy to cut and detail.
  • Longest performance history. The original, fully-adhered roof membrane underlayment.
  • THE name brand in underlayments. Grace is the name contractors trust to protect their roofing jobs and reputations for first class work. Ice & Water Shield is available only from Grace.

Alco Shield logo Alco Shield Ice & Water Protector


  • Alco Shield waterproofing shingle underlayment keeps the roof deck dry and protects against water damage caused by winter ice buildup.
  • Slip-resistant sand-granulated top surface.
  • Sticky bottom surface bonds to roof sheathing. Repositionable.
  • Self-seals around nails driven through it.
  • Protects critical areas sucah as eaves, valleys, ridges, dormers and skylights.
  • Install at eaves such that it extends a minimum of 24" beyond the interior wall line.

RhinoRoof U20 Synthetic Felt Underlayment

  • Twelve times stronger than conventional 30# felt which reduces or eliminates costly blowoffs.
  • Higher coverage per roll means it installs quickly.
  • Class A fire rating.
  • Conributes to LEED points.