Deck Screws & Fasteners

Camo Hidden Deck Fastener Systemcamomarksmanpro

ConceaLoc® Hidden Fasteners by FastenMaster®


  • Invisible means of installing Azek and TimberTech grooved decking.
  • Package contains 175 stainless steel brown clips, 184 stainless steel screws and one drive bit.
  • Provided excellent hold-down power.
  • Allows for expansion and contraction of deck boards.
  • No visible screws.
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    • Package for 100 square feet of decking
    • Package for 1000 square feet of decking

Cortex® Screws & Plugs by FastenMaster for Trex Composite Decking and Azek Decking & PVC Trim


  • Fast and easy way to conceal deck screws in Trex composite decking, and Azek decking and white PVC trim.
  • Set the screw, set the plug, and you’re all set!
  • Includes driver bit, screws, and color-matched plugs. Color matched plugs are made from the same material with which they are used.
  • Colors for decking: Trex Saddle, Winchester Gray and Woodland Brown; Azek Brownstone, Kona and Slate Gray.
  • White for Azek PVC trim: white smooth and white woodgrain
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EB-TY® Hidden Deck Fasteners

deck_fastener_ebe004sOriginal EBty_live_cylinderLive Cylinder

  • Black UV-resistant polypropyline biscuits that are inserted into kerfs or slots cut by a biscuit cutter or router at each joist. One stainless steel screw (included) holds each biscuit tight. After applying beads of construction adhesive to each joist, the next deck board slips over the EB-TY biscuit.
  • Versatile screw head can be driven with PoziSquare, square, and Phillips bits.
  • Original EB-TY provides 3/32" spacing. Recommended for Ipe decking. Click here to see our selection of Ipe decking.
  • Live Cylinder EB-TY provides 1/4" spacing and can absorb up to 5/32" expansion of the decking. Recommended for kiln dried Western Red Cedar, composites, and other materials that expand as their moisture levels increase.
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GuardDog® Deck Screws by FastenMaster guarddog-25in-e73a72e2

Stainless Steel Deck & Trim Screws

TrapEase 3® Deck Screws trapease-stainless-3in-fc37c10a-91308857

  • For composite decking.
  • Oversized top thread traps most loose composite material during installation.
  • Concave underside of head conceals any loose material for clean appearance.
  • Eliminates “mushrooms" from forming around screw heads.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Each box contains square drive bit.
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Trio™ Ultimate Deck Screws by FastenMaster trimtop-acorn-da29da55

TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw has been designed to outperform standard deck screws in softwood decking such as pressure treated, cedar and redwood in these key areas:

  • Ultimate Strip-Out Resistance
    The Torx TTAP™ drive system offers unmatched stick-fit and wobble-free installation, virtually eliminating fastener stripping during installation or removal. A standard Torx 25 bit will also drive the fastener.
  • Ultimate Anti-Splitting Resistance
    The ThruPOINT™ bores pilot hole during installation, eliminating the wedging effect and splitting caused by standard deck screws.Guaranteed not to rust or cause streaking.
  • Ultimate Corrosion Resistance
    TRIO’s proprietary coating system delivers 2x better corrosion resistance in salt spray testing than standard deck screws. In addition, the coating is UV resistant to eliminate fading over time.
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TrimTop™ Deck Screws by FastenMaster trimtop-acorn-da29da55

Trex® Hideaway Hidden Fastening System

trex_hideaway_start_stop_clipStart / Stop Clip trex_hideawayUniversal Fastener