Ipe Decking


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Ipe Decking

  • Ipe is a beautiful hardwood with natural resistance to rot and decay. Ipe is pronounced "e-pay."
  • Ipe decking is reported to perform well for 25 years or longer.
  • Brown color.
  • Ipe has a class "A" fire rating according to the NFPA; the same rating as fire retardant treated lumber!
  • Over five times as hard as Southern Pine. Over six times as hard as Western Red Cedar. Because of its hardness, some refer to Ipe as Ironwood.
  • Ipe is strong and stiff! It is almost twice as stiff as Southern Pine and three times as stiff as Western Red Cedar.
  • Surfaced four sides (S4S).
  • Eased edges.
  • Partially air dried.
  • Just one face is graded for use as decking. The other face may not be suitable for decking.

Ipe Deck Planning

  • Recommended joist spacing: 1x6 decking - 16" on center; 5/4x6 decking - 24" on center. We believe this to be conservative, consistent with most building codes, and appropriate for decking installed either perpendicular to the joists or in a diagonal pattern.
  • Recommended gap between deck boards - 1/8".
  • With a 1/8" gap between boards each lineal foot of Ipe decking will cover .47 square feet.
  • Ipe decking is sold in random odd and even lengths from 7' through 20'. This means that orders are pulled from our mill's packages and that each order will consist of a variety of odd lengths and even lengths. Specified lengths are not available. This means it is not reasonably possible to achieve a splice-free surface using Ipe decking.
  • Please plan on purchasing 10% to 15% more than the amount required to cover your deck due to the inclusion of odd lengths and because some even lengths may not be 100% usable due to your joist spacing.
  • Consider installing joists 12" on center to increase the percentage of purchased decking that you can install on your deck.

Ipe Decking Installation

End Sealing

Ipe Finishing Instructions

Ipe Decking Credit Return Policy

  • Like-new 12' and longer pieces are returnable for 100% of the purchase price. Like-new 11' and shorter pieces are returnable for 75% of the purchase price.

Stock Ipe Decking

Special Order Ipe Decking - please contact us for pricing

  • 5/4x6 (1" x 5-1/2" net)